Saturday, October 30, 2010


Meet Kontot @ Bonchet, our most adorable cat ever....

He came to us (my hubby and I) during breakfast at the nearby restaurant on one fine December morning last year. We decided to bring him home when the restaurant owner said that the little cute cat does not belong to her.

Everybody in the family loves cat and so they name him Kontot due to his short tail!! Soon my daughter, Iman search over the internet and found out that he belongs to the Manx Cat family. He runs more like a hop than a stripe which resembles a rabbit more than a cat.

He can sleep for hours no matter during the day or night.... and that makes him fat faster!! That's how he got his other name Bonchet. He can sleeps through the night in my children's bed. The only cat we ever have that is being permitted to sleep with us because he behaves well.

P.S. : Bonchet says Hi darling to Angelina..... meow....


  1. Hi darling!'re cute though ypu're bonchet! Know what? I am half Manx myself, from my biological mum's side. One day I'll publish my granddad and grandma's pix. Serious! purrr....meow!

  2. Angelina darling,

    Thanks for dropping by. I'll be waiting for you to publish those photos. So, we're from the same species..... He he



  3. Hello Kontot,
    Really nice to meet you. You are fabulous tuxie ! and I'm very happy with you to find great forever home here : )
    Have a great Halloween !

    Everyday Mr Puddy